Lightning Has Struck – Introducing the New Salesforce Lightning User Interface

They say lightning doesn’t strike the same place twice, but that single lightning bolt sure makes a huge impact! Here at Snapptraffic, we work with Salesforce all day long, and it isn’t often that we learn about something new that makes us all say “WOW!” But that’s truly the case with the new Salesforce Lightning User Interface (UI). We’re excited to share some of these new features with you.

So, what exactly is Salesforce Lightning?

The Lightning Experience is not new. It’s been a multi-year mission for Salesforce that started with the Salesforce1 Mobile App and its underlying Lightning framework, which are the building blocks for the new Salesforce Lightning UI. The new Salesforce Lightning UI will include a new skin, system, and set of functionalities. It brings a reimagined, modern and efficient design to Salesforce users across every device – desktop, tablet and mobile.

Why the upgrade?

This upgrade isn’t just a flashy new skin, but it also aims to improve ease of navigation, data entry, and usability for everyone. The new interface helps users get a more comprehensive snapshot of their work progress without having to analyze the data piece by piece. For example, the new view of Opportunities is great for moving prospects through the sales pipeline and analyzing work stage by stage.

What will be new in the Salesforce Lightning UI?

New Navigation Tools

Instead of the tab bar across the top, you’ll see an intuitive navigation bar, complete with a new Assistant menu on your homepage to help you pick up right where you left off.

Customizable Dashboards

Salesforce really took customer feedback to heart, because there are huge enhancements to the dashboards, including a completely responsive interface with more attractive colors. We’ll even have up to 9 columns instead of only 3!

Activity Feed

Salespeople want to know two things – what just happened in an Account and what they need to do next. The new Activity Feed will do just that.

Opportunity Enhancements

With huge enhancements to the Opportunity view, take a quick glance at your entire pipeline by stage, and even drag and drop Opportunities from one stage to the next!

Usability and Contextual Hovers

The advanced hover functionality allows for editing within the hover pop-up, allowing the user to avoid navigating away from their primary work page. Even drag and drop people and deals from stage to stage. You can see everything going on with a customer without going to different pages in the application.

Let Snapptraffic help you get started with Lightning

Our team of developers is well-versed in Lightning App Builder, Lighting Components, and the Lightning Design System to customize Salesforce to meet your company’s specific needs and take advantage of all of these new features. If you’re ready to get started with Salesforce, now is an ideal time. Here at Snapptraffic, we’ll be excited to get you up and running on Salesforce so you can take your CRM to the next level, including the new Lightning UI. Feel free to contact us at