Making Sense of the Salesforce Analytics Cloud

So, you’re already using Salesforce. Which means that you and your team are likely entering hundreds or even thousands of data points critical for your business success into Salesforce daily. If you’ve been wondering exactly how to use this data in a meaningful way, read on.

According to Peter Coffee, VP for Strategic Research at Salesforce, companies don’t listen to the data that’s begging to tell them useful things. Here at Snapptraffic Consulting, we often see this with our clients who have a need for the creation of numerous reports to analyze important information or reach conclusions about the effectiveness of campaigns, their sales pipeline, customer service issues, and much more.

Potential solutions to your company’s defining problems may be buried in reports or spreadsheets that answer the wrong questions too late to be useful or ignored entirely. The Analytics Cloud, powered by Wave, reflects what’s been learned from two decades of seeing how people actually find things in the digital universe. Wave also reflects the increasingly varied structure of the data that people are examining today. A traditional, row-and-column data store will almost always combine too much with too little. Sometimes, we need to see the data in a visual way. This is a huge strength of the Analytics Cloud.

Spot Business Trends

Analytics Cloud is designed to bring the most powerful analytics tools directly to the people who need it most – you! With Analytics Cloud, you’ll be able to explore any combination of data, get answers instantly, and share with your team. From any device, anywhere.

For example, as shown in the image to the right, you can easily analyze Leads, looking at the Lead Source by Account Owner. Which owners are having success with different lead sources and why? What can be gleaned from this? Slice and dice the data however you need to. Add Groupings, Filters, and even take immediate action on a group of records from any one of these visualizations, like scheduling a campaign.

Run Your Business from Anywhere

We understand that you are busy, and often times our clients need to be able to make important decisions while they’re on-the-go. Because Analytics Cloud is designed for rapid visualization across every device, your team can get direct answers without involving analysts or IT. Most importantly, you can then share your findings and take action – all from your phone or mobile device.

The 5 powerful actions of Analytics Cloud that you will be able to use are Measure, Group, Filter, View, and Share. And not just from your computer – from anywhere – using the Salesforce One Analytics Cloud app.

Filter, View and Combine Data

Our clients need access to their data for informed decision-making. Are you looking to grow sales? Maximize productivity of your marketing dollars? Analyze customer service needs and trends? Track product issues or usage trends? Discover what products have shorter sales cycles or are gaining traction this quarter?

Using the Analytics Cloud, combine data from Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, and even the back office. Quickly drag and drop data from Salesforce, including data from partner apps built on the platform.  Use the power of visualizations to filter and view data any way that you want. Drill-down into further detail in any area, and transform your raw data into extremely valuable insights for your business.

If you’re ready to take your business to the next level, Snapptraffic Consulting would be excited to get you up and running on Salesforce Analytics Cloud. Feel free to contact us at