Dashboards for Platform Users

Here is another issue that can be difficult to figure out.

We have a lot of clients using Platform licenses for many of their users. This is a good deal for a client because they get all the power of Salesforce Enterprise edition for well under half the price. Enterprise Edition is about $125/user/mo. The Platform Edition is a lot less - about $50/user/mo. I've seen people get it for as low as $20/user/mo if they worked a deal with Salesforce.

The limitation of the platform edition is that you don't get the Salesforce "Applications" like the Sales Cloud (Leads & Opportunities), the Marketing system (Campaigns), the Support Cloud (Cases, Assets), etc. So this can be a significant limitation depending on your needs - but for those who don't need those objects, you can save a lot by using custom objects rather than the salesforce standard objects. BTW, you do get Accounts, Contacts, Reports, Dashboards, Chatter, and a whole bunch of the other Enterprise level systems with the Platform such as workflow rules, approvals, the API, full visualforce capability, custom profiles, record types, etc - so it can be a great option if it fits your needs.

But there is one little thing that I kept running into that I finally solved: Platform Users running Dashboards.

In researching this issue I found out that people on the forums simply say: platform users can't use dashboards - BUT THAT ISN'T TRUE!

It's actually pretty simple - if you want a platform user to be able to see a dashboard, the running user must also be a platform user. Simple as that. Make a new dashboard. Set a platform user as the running user. Build your reports and dashboard elements.

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