Salesforce Branded Communities

Communities are online portals for your employees, customers, and partners to connect. A Salesforce Community provides an excellent way to share information and collaborate with people outside your company who are key to your business processes, such as customers or partners. Here at Snapptraffic, we can help you create a customized, branded space that reflects your business and provides the most value to meet the needs of your business’s processes and customers.

The Challenge

We recently had a client come to us with a need for an online portal to not only connect their customers with the information that they need, but also with the necessity to deliver a branded experience to their customers and partners. This included the ability for their customers to enter new support tickets, review project status, view recent news pertinent to their account, and much more. Snapptraffic Consulting was up to the challenge by customizing the Salesforce Community to meet their needs.

Finding a Solution

To build the best solution to meet the needs of our client, we:
  • Analyzed their business and customer service processes
  • Clearly identified the specific information and collaboration opportunities that they wanted to provide for their customers
  •  Prioritized features, and created a complete requirements and design roadmap that served as our guide throughout the entire project development, testing & delivery process
  •  Created design elements and layouts for branding consistency
  • Ensured mobile optimization for a seamless user experience across all devices, including mobile phones and tablets

The Result

The result was a branded Community that added value for their customers as well as increased opportunity for their business. A Salesforce Community offers great features that Snapptraffic customized to meet their needs, and allowed them to:

Connect with Customers – Our client can now build deeper customer relationships with their
branded community that provides for direct customer interaction to answer questions and provide support.

Customization and Branding – We created a streamlined and user-friendly portal for their customers and partners that tied in with the company’s existing branding.

Branded Community Homepage Sample

Provide Superior Customer Service - Using the branded community, their customers can submit a new support request, review the status of any outstanding support tickets, view their account information, or manage their current projects.

Branded Community Case View

Access to Information - Customers and Partners can also view recent news/blog articles posted by the company that are relevant to their customer experience, submit a new question, or review a selection of previously answered questions. In addition, they now have access to a library of informational documents to download.

Accelerate Sales – Our client can now update customers on new products or services by sharing blog articles and information pertinent to them. Their community platform also enables customers and partners to find the information and experts that they need to stay engaged during the service delivery process.

Mobile Optimization – Their customers and partners can collaborate anywhere, from any device. We delivered a rich, branded, and device-responsive mobile experience.

If your business or organization would like help with a Salesforce Branded Community, please feel free to contact Snapptraffic Consulting at 800-422-6490 or visit us online at