Salesforce Excel Connector Download - Professional Edition

Trying to find the download for the Salesforce Excel Connector can be a real drag! Especially if you are trying to find a specific version. So if you have been having a hard time finding the right one, I've put them here for your convenience.

Download Site: Click here for the Salesforce download page for the excel connector.

Professional Edition! Be sure to note, there are two versions of the excel connector, one for the Enterprise edition of and one for the Professional Edition of The big difference between them is that the Professional Edition doesn't need access to the API.

In general, there really isn't a strong need for the Enterprise Edition of the excel connector because in Enterprise Edition of Salesforce you have the Apex Data loader for the PC and the Lexi Loader for the Mac. But if you have Professional Edition of Salesforce without API access (which is most people), the Excel Connector is the only way to load data.

SOAP Version! When you first install the Excel Connector, it by default uses an older version of the SOAP, version 6. This will probably work okay for you in most circumstances. But sometimes you'll be looking for an object and not be able to find it in the list of available objects - that right there is a SOAP version issue. Try using a more recent version like:

Set that by clicking on the Advanced Tab on the login page.

Need Help? We offer help with the Excel Connector as a service in our business. So if you need a little hand holding, or just want to hand us your file and have us load it, visit our website at: