Conga and Salesforce - A Match Made in Heaven

The History of It All

Salesforce was founded in 1999 Marc Benioff, Parker Harris, Dave Moellenhoff, and Frank Dominguez as a company specializing in Software as a Service (SaaS) and to reinvent the idea of a Client Relationship Manager (CRM).

Conga was founded 2006 by Mark Whiteside and Michael Markham as a company specializing in custom document generation and distribution, while looping in Salesforce as a means to collect the data for those custom documents.

What's the Point?

Salesforce has provided us with a means to create a custom word document using Merge Fields.  If any of you have used this technique in the past, you know the pains that come along with it.  Once your document is setup with its merge fields, you can essentially generate a custom Word document from whatever specific Salesforce record you want under the Activity History related list.  Distribution is just a matter of sending out an email with the attached merge document.  Doing this process in bulk (or against multiple records) is a different story and much more time consuming.

Conga has provided us with a more sophisticated way do accomplish these time consuming tasks.  Below, I'll overview each of Conga's current applications and their uses.

Conga Composer

This is the backbone of most of Conga's other applications, which those add-ons allow for an even more enjoyable experience.  It specializes in creating custom documents in various different formats such as Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and PDF.

Conga Composer + Conductor (add-on)

This paid add-on is well worth every cent.  Using a custom object to retain specific criteria (much like SF's report builder), you're able to populate a custom document for each record in that specific criteria and then distribute those documents out.  All with the click of a button.

Conga Composer + Workflow (add-on)

This paid add-on works in conjunction with SF's Workflow Rules using their Outbound Messages as a way to work together with Conga.  As an example, a Salesforce WFR would execute when a field gets changed and send an outbound message to Conga letting Conga know to create a custom document against the data on the record that WFR was executed from and then deliver that custom document whoever needs to receive it.  Essentially, this helps close the gap and furthering expanding on our favorite word "automation".

Conga Composer +Mail Merge (add-on)

This free add-on provides a much better way to create those custom documents using your existing Salesforce data and provides a means for delivery as well.  All within one interface versus the several steps you have to go through with the out-of-the-box Salesforce method.

Conga Composer + Quick Merge (add-on)

This free add-on goes hand in hand with the Mail Merge add-on.  By using a custom object, you're able to save all the criteria and setting that you configured while doing your Mail Merge.  Using the Quick Merge add-on, you're able to execute a Mail Merge at anytime with the click of a button which recalls all of your saved criteria and settings.  A huge time saver for those tasks that need to be done a regular basis.

Conga Courier

This is a separate entity in relation to the Conga Composer.  This application provides a means for dynamically generating reports and sending them out to who they need to go to.  Best part of all: you're able to send to anyone, regardless if they exist inside of Salesforce or not.  A huge win on many levels.

From working within the Salesforce realm for several years and within many different industries, it's all too apparent why Conga exists today.  They are the that integral puzzle piece for many businesses.  If you haven't checked them out yet, I would strongly recommend it if any of the above products fit into any of your current business problems. 

If your business or organization would like help integrating Conga and Salesforce, please feel free to contact Snapptraffic Consulting at 800-422-6490 or visit us online at